Welcome to my Portfolio

my portfolioHello visitior!

I have a portfolio site where I show works I was asked to do or personal projects that I want to expose. But I needed a place to show testing works or final projects I do by following tutorials on Youtube, Deviantart or others or just because I wanted to test something out.
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Designer CV – The creative way

Hello dear readers!

For quite some time I wanted to do a creative curriculum, because usually designers and people in creative work areas show that kind of CVs, that shows better what they are and their skills.

I have seen some awesome designs on the internet, some really out of the box, and always felt that I should do something like that. Something which would show my essence, not only my skills, but that a person would look at it and say “that’s really your style”.

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Gaming Tournament Check Prize – League of Legends

Hello dear readers!

Today I bring you something I made for a League of Legends tournament last December. I am only sharing it now because I wanted some time pass before publishing this design.

The tournament already had a concept image used in several materials, live overlays, posters etc. It made only sense if I used that same image, font and concept.

Searched a bit how a portuguese check was and the info a check prize has.

The important content it should have was: placement in the tournament, date, place to put the price value (numbers and words), to who it was, LPLOL logo and other important logos of the Comic Con event.

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Youtube Cover – Minna

Hello dear readers!

Today I bring you a design that mean a lot to me 🙂 It’s the Youtube cover of my channel!

I play video games since I was very young (4/ 5 years old) and from time now I wanted to record me playing. Finally have the tools to do so created some weeks ago and I plan on uploading not only gaming related videos but also speed art of thw works I’ll be posting here in future.

This work I’ll explain next is already on my YouTube channel and you can check it out and give it a like 🙂 Speed art Youtube Cover Art – Minna Channel

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DSG Stream Overlay

Hi dear readers!
Long time, isn’t it?

Sorry for the long absence but I haven’t been producing design many design works because of a new project of mine.
Although this new phase of life I intend to go back to post one new work per week.

In today’s post I’ll show you a stream overlay. I would like to get better and make them faster and with more details, but it something I still have to practice more.
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TheFoxLift – Fullwidth Games Overlay

Hello dear readers!

Today I bring you another in game overlay for FoxLift.

Since League of Legends is so specific the overlay for it doesn’t work for other games. At the time Fox asked me for overlays for different screen sizes due to older games would, because of the resolution, would need smaller windows.

But now he is more focused on PlayStation games, Fallout 4 at the moment, so he told me he would only need a full screen overlay 1920×1080 (twitch stream resolution).

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Twitch Overlay – Super Smash Bros

Hello dear readers!

At the multigaming I help, Deadly Snakes Gaming, we now have a team of Smash Bros that intend to do videos for our YouTube channel, stream, participate in events and help organizing DSG tournaments.

In order for them to stream I was asked to do an overlay with a screen 4:3 and space for two webcams, which is better for melee and PM games.

The colour palette had to be the ones from DSG logo and I had to include some logos, but other than that I could do whatever I pleased.

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